Boys Branch

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Inshaa’Allah the boys branch (Madrasah) will provide Islamic and National Curriculum to boys aged between 11-16 years from all ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, not only will individuals become inspiring role models that will benefit the community, they will also become leaders and scholars of Islam, Inshaa-Allah.

Our mission is to provide education in an Islamic environment that encourages good discipline, behaviour, tolerance and respect, in order to achieve goals by developing potential, thereby creating role models for the community. We want each student to feel appreciated and happy, and to be able to enjoy their learning through a stimulating environment which celebrates their individuality.

We hope to work closely with the community to allow their children to achieve and succeed during their time at RGS.We hope that our school becomes the stepping stone that will provide your children with an Islamic Framework to allow them to succeed in this world and ultimately in the hereafter.

Your comments and feedback would be welcomed and highly appreciated, to create strong foundations for the future.

Your duas are requested for this school to be successful in achieving its aims inshaa-Allah.